Dilna Devassy (Child Psychologist)

Dilna is an exceptional consultant psychologist specialised in child and adolescent psychology. She has secured a Master’s in clinical psychology and has done various workshops in different fields of psychology. With a wealth of experience and empathetic approach at Ephphatha speech and hearing centre, punkunnam, Thrissur in effectively handling children facing various disorders such as autism, ADHD and more she has been a support for numerous young minds and their families.

Her vast research and knowledge in addressing various developmental challenges, help her to create a personalised treatment plan according to each child’s unique needs. She is definitely a trusted professional in the field, who is making a profound difference in the lives of countless children and their families.

Dilna, as a child psychologist has made an impressive impact on the lives of children in Thrissur. She has been listed under 100 influencing personalities in a magazine. Her outstanding work as a child psychologist has benefitted numerous children in the region.

Dilna has a special and dedicated place in her heart for children. Dilna’s commitment to understanding each child’s unique needs and creating a supportive and nurturing environment reflects her genuine concern for their well-being and development. Her ability to connect with children on a deep level and make them feel valued and understood further showcases the special corner she holds in her heart for the children she works with.

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