Rajula Maniyeri


A self-assured woman who exudes self-assurance in all she does has an outstanding educational history with numerous degrees in physics, including, and an MPhil. In addition, she has an impressive educational background with an MA in Psychology. She consistently steps up to take on new challenges and is always eager to move outside of her comfort zone in order to accomplish the things she has set out to do.

In her role as CEO, she is a strategic thinker, who is able to assess the available options, do data analysis, and come to well-informed decisions in order to help the company realise its objectives. She possesses outstanding leadership qualities that enable her to inspire and motivate the personnel to attain the goals set for the organisation and also oversee the overall management and operations of the company.

She has vast experience in leadership roles, which has helped her develop her administrative skills to a high level. Rajula has proved throughout her career that she is capable of leading and managing teams in a variety of situations, ranging from the realm of academia to the business sector. Her exceptional capacities in the areas of communication, strategic thinking, and problem-solving have all contributed to the tremendous success she has enjoyed in her chosen field.

Rajula's diverse education background and experience has not only provided her with a one-of-a-kind perspective on problem-solving, but it has also given her the ability to address difficult business difficulties with a creative and analytical frame of mind. She has taken advantage of her scientific expertise to propel innovation and streamline operations in her company, which has led to an improvement in both efficiency and profitability.