HR Head

Seena is a phenomenal HR manager, who is renowned for her exceptional interpersonal skills, ability to handle difficult situations with ease, and her keen awareness of the organization's goals and objectives. She possesses a distinctive combination of academic training in both engineering and computer science, allowing her to approach her HR position from a novel angle.

She has a natural capacity to relate to people and build strong bonds with workers, which is essential for the accomplishment of any HR division. She is a terrific listener, empathetic, and always works to find solutions that are advantageous to the company's workers and clients as well.

As an HR manager, she is meticulous, well-organized and always makes sure that HR policies and practises are legal, efficient, and effective. She is skilled at handling employee information, payroll, and benefits and is constantly looking for ways to simplify HR procedures in order to save time and money.

Seena handled a variety of duties while working at the District Medical Office, Trivandrum, including monitoring patient data, setting up appointments, and working with other healthcare professionals to make sure that patients received the right care. She is essential in managing the administrative duties of the medical office, including budget management, procuring medical supplies, and making sure the office complied with rules.

Seena also has the skill of how to interact with patients and their families in a productive manner as well as how to help and console them in trying circumstances. She has a comprehensive understanding of the medical industry, which has helped her in her current role as an HR manager.