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Hapinus Care has best counseling centers cum clinic in Trivandrum, Kochi, and Calicut. Our experienced team of licensed psychologists offers professional mental health services.

Our team is highly regarded in the community and known for providing effective and compassionate care. Our services include individual and group therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, and more. We believe in creating a safe and supportive environment for our clients to explore their thoughts and feelings. Let us help you achieve your mental health goals.

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The leading counselling center in Trivandrum, Kochi & Calicut

Hapinus Care provides professional help under the guidance of RCI licensed psychologists and psychiatrists with 100% anonymity assurance to the needy.

Why Choose Us

Six Reasons Why People Choose Us

Experienced professionals

Our team includes experienced mental health professionals

Customized treatment plans

we work with each client to create a customized treatment plan

Evidence-based approach

Our treatments are grounded in evidence-based practices

Compassionate care

clients can share their thoughts and feelings without fear of judgment

Flexible scheduling

We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate clients' busy lives.

Online therapy options

We offer online therapy sessions for clients who prefer

What our Customers Say

Lavanya VigneswaraLavanya Vigneswara
10:11 19 Sep 23
One of the best psychological centre in trivandrum. I consulted dr. Sruthy maam's appointment, she had well knowledge in psychology and therapy also , now I'm totally recovered from my all problems. All staff are very friendly and polite.. thank you Hapinus Care ❣️❣️
Ayisha AyishuAyisha Ayishu
12:15 03 Jul 23
I feel very good experience in Hapinuscare, especially doctor and staff both are supportive and understanding. Thank you for your help
sivani unnisivani unni
09:36 02 Jul 23
Hapinuscare is one of the best psychologist in Trivandrum and Rajula madam is the most empathetic, nurturing and calm psychologists. If you're facing any issues, go pour your heart out. She'll give you the environment you need to open up and nothing inside the cabin happens without your consent. You get to decide if the interns or your family should stay inside or not.
09:19 02 Jul 23
Hapinuscare offers a refreshing and holistic approach to mental wellness. The psychologists not only focused on addressing my immediate concerns but also emphasized the importance of overall well-being. They encouraged me to explore various aspects of my life, including physical health, relationships, and self-care, to achieve a balanced and fulfilling existence. Hapinuscare provides a variety of resources, such as workshops and support groups, that complement individual therapy sessions. The team's dedication to promoting a comprehensive understanding of mental health is truly commendable. If you're looking for a center that goes beyond traditional therapy and embraces a holistic perspective, look no further. I am strongly recommended hapinuscare is the best psychology centre in Trivandrum.
pictures iimcpictures iimc
19:04 28 Jun 23
I had the pleasure of receiving psychological services at Hapinuscare, and I was highly impressed by the expertise and professionalism of the staff. The psychologists possess a deep understanding of various psychological issues and utilize evidence-based approaches in their practice. They adeptly combined their theoretical knowledge with practical strategies, which greatly contributed to my progress. The center itself is well-organized, maintaining confidentiality and respecting clients' privacy. The team's commitment to ongoing education and training ensures that they stay updated with the latest advancements in the field. I highly recommend Hapinuscare, for its outstanding level of expertise and professionalism.
03:59 19 May 23
hapinus care psychological center is the best and authentic one in Trivandrum. There are various kinds of psychological therapies available such as cbt hypnosis etc. I strongly recommend hapinus care as the best clinical psychologists clinic in trivandrum
18:41 17 May 23
Hapinuscare is the best psychological counselling and treatment center in Trivandrum. We are proud of Hapinuscare team work for mental health program in Kerala. I referred a friend of mine for his anxiety treatment. After couple of sessions the result was amazing. Thank you hapinuscare team
seena gseena g
07:10 14 May 23
Hapinus care Trivandrum, was one of the best psychological clinic in travndrum. I visited this clinic last time for a family counseling, initially I went there for my son because couldn't able to focus on his studies. The child therapist handled the issue of my son very carefully thank you so much for that. After 2 months I visited this place for family session so I was happy with the team.I surely suggest this place for any mental health issues....

Our Psychologists





Vishnu Priya

Clinical Psychologist

Anjana Damodar

Consultant Lady Psychologist

Amritha A S

Lady Psychologist

Shahzad Al Ameen

Consultant Psychologist and Psychotherapist

Saranya B Raj

Counseling Psychologist

Abhirami Nair S

Counseling Psychologist

Anandu S

Counseling Psychologist

Neeraj MS

Psychotherapist and Rehabilitation Counsellor

Jithin Abraham

Consultant Psychologist

Naveena V

Consultant Psychologist

Shamziya K H

Child Psychologist

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