Psychological Counselling in Kochi

  • Location: F10, Galaxy High Field, 1003-J5, Giri Nagar, Kadavanthra, Kochi, Kerala – 682504
  • Timing: 08:30 AM – 06:30 PM
  • Mode: Online & Offline

Hapinus care has a psychological counselling  center at Kochi (Cochin) at the 10th floor of Galaxy High Field, at Giri Nagar in Kadavanthra.  Our Kochi center is well-equipped with the latest technology devices and facilities and we are blessed with a team of top psychologists and psychiatrists dedicated to providing excellent services for your psychological help.

We have a residential psychological clinic located in Kochi, known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrancy and tradition. We are happy to announce that Hapinus Care has become the best institute for psychological treatment in Kochi within a short span of time.

Hapinus Care values the inclusion of highly skilled psychologists who are committed to providing personalized treatment tailored to each patient’s unique needs. These experts leverage their extensive experience in mental health to continuously enhance their abilities and offer compassionate care. Hapinus Care employs cutting-edge technology and mental health tools to deliver exceptional care. This sophisticated approach enables accurate diagnostics and effective support for patients. As a result, Hapinus Care has established itself as a leading facility in Kochi, providing innovative and personalized mental health services.

Hapinus Care’s innovative approach has made it Kochi’s leading mental health center. Patients can easily reach the clinic from anywhere in the city, making it highly convenient. To enhance patient comfort, Hapinuscare offers easy access via public transport and private vehicles, along with free parking. Ample and secure parking spaces create a relaxed atmosphere, allowing patients to focus on their mental well-being without any parking worries.

Hapinus Care emphasizes a comprehensive approach to mental health, making it a pioneer in Kerala. Their services include different therapies, such as talk therapy, CBT, and mindfulness. They acknowledge the impact of factors like lifestyle, relationships, and experiences on mental well-being, showing their thorough understanding of the complexity of mental health and their dedication to supporting it.

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