Empowering Tribal Children at Kottoor Village, Trivandrum :- A Social Awareness Class on Drug Misuse and Its Impact

Our team held an educational and illuminating workshop highlighting the recent use of hazardous substances that varies from pan, gutka, to MDMA, etc. in collaboration with team SOFT MIND and NGO SAVE. The purpose of our session in this tribal community was to raise awareness of the serious effects of using such toxic drugs among people, especially youngsters, and to inculcate a feeling of responsibility for one’s own personal health and the welfare of society as a whole.

As part of their community awareness programme, our eight intern applicants joined us for this community session as listeners to comprehend the diverse individuals and lifestyles in our society. With tremendous enthusiasm since so many members of the neighbourhood had been waiting for the outcome. Children constituted the majority of the crowd. The village’s SAMUHYA PAATA MURII was designated as the location for the event. As we arrived, the crowd applauded our team’s welcome. The workshop then commenced with immense anticipation from our facilitator.

Understanding the cultural diversity and unique lifestyle of the tribal community, the facilitators get involved with them by using local examples and local languages. The facilitators gave an introduction before the session and explained why they were there. They engaged in playful conversation and activities with the kids to win their trust and establish a connection. This encouraged the kids and those around to open up and participate fully in our conversation throughout.

As the class continued, a thorough discussion of drug addiction with particular attention to pan and gutka—things they used to see in their everyday lives—took place. To teach the negative consequences of these chemicals on their bodies, our team employed the storytelling technique. The children present over there listened with keen interest and responded to our questions too. They were actively participating in the discussion. The session was designed to empower the kids to make wise decisions and avoid the temptations of substance misuse.

Our team put in an outstanding and admirable effort. In addition to bridging the gap with the local community, it was useful in building continued support for the locals.  The event helped build a better and stronger foundation for the tribe children’s future, free from the chains of drug abuse, by educating and supporting them.

Rajula Maniyeri - A Visionary Woman in Social Work, Education, and Psychology:- “Recipient of POOVACHAL KHADAR AWARD 2023”

Rajula Maniyeri, the CEO of Hapinus Care, received the prestigious Poovachal Khadar Award for her exceptional contributions in the fields of social work, education, and psychology. The award, named after the renowned Poovachal Khadar, celebrates individuals who have made a significant impact on society through their exceptional dedication and innovative initiatives.

Rajula Maniyeri’s journey has been nothing short of inspiring. As a social worker, through her organization, Hapinus Care, she has organised and conducted various welfare programs. Her notable social work includes, a community program in tribal village at kotoor, where a social awareness program was conducted to make aware of children of recent dangers and substance abuse prevailing in the society, distribution of study materials for the under privileged groups etc.

She has also worn the clothes of a teacher cum facilitator in her early days, has conducted various community classes, workshops for empowering the young minds at various levels.

Beyond her work in social welfare and education, Rajula’s contributions to the field of psychology have been commendable. As a psychologist, she has always been available as service provider for the curement of mental health issues and raise awareness about the importance of psychological well-being. Through workshops, seminars, and counselling services, she has touched the lives of many, providing much-needed support with empathy to individuals facing emotional and psychological challenges.

The Poovachal Khadar Award 2023 stands as a testament to Rajula Maniyeri’s exceptional achievements and dedication to creating a more equitable and compassionate society. Her transformative work has inspired countless individuals and serves as a hope for a better tomorrow.