Saranya B Raj (Consultant Psychologist )

Saranya B Raj is a highly skilled and dedicated psychologist who possesses a wealth of experience in conducting comprehensive mental health assessments and providing therapeutic interventions. She holds a master degree in Psychology from Christ university, Bangalore with a specialization in clinical psychology. 

Ms Saranya’s careful documentation of case histories guarantees a comprehensive comprehension of the client’s distinct psychological profile, enabling customized treatment regimens. She worked in Cardinal Speciality Hospital in Kottayam as a trainee clinical psychologist. In addition, Ms Saranya has experience working as an OT/BT therapist at Jewel Therapy Center in Kottayam. Skillful in using a variety of psychological tests and tools, she uses a comprehensive diagnostic procedure to effectively guide therapy planning. Her dedication to assessment allows her to provide targeted interventions that cater to the unique requirements of every person in her care.

Ms Saranya’s approach is based on collaboration, as she closely collaborates with licensed psychologists to offer all-encompassing support throughout therapeutic treatments. She ensures that clients receive the multifaceted support required for their recovery journey by facilitating a comprehensive approach to mental health care by taking a leading role in therapy sessions.

Saranya’s expertise includes addiction treatment, depression , anxiety  where she helps individuals overcome substance misuse issues by using evidence-based therapies, support techniques, and assistance. Her comprehensive comprehension of addiction dynamics enables her to skillfully and compassionately negotiate the intricacies of recovery, enabling her clients to attain enduring positive transformation.

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