Anandu S (Counseling Psychologist)

Anandu S is a kind and committed counseling psychologist with a great deal of expertise helping people and families deal with a variety of difficulties. Anandu has exhibited a great commitment to supporting positive outcomes in his clients’ life. He has held positions as a counselor at the Family Court in Nedumangad and as a psychologist at the Sradha Charitable Society.

Anandu put in a lot of effort while he was employed by the Sradha Charitable Society to meet the mental health requirements of people from a variety of backgrounds. He led therapy sessions with skill, providing a secure and accepting environment for individuals to explore their feelings, ideas, and worries. Anandu helped clients deal with a variety of psychological concerns, such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and more by using evidence-based therapies and compassionate listening.

Anandu was instrumental in helping people and families deal with the emotional and psychological effects of court procedures while working as a counselor at the Family Court in Nedumangad. He offered guidance and assistance to individuals embroiled in child custody battles, divorce procedures, family conflicts, and domestic abuse scenarios. Anandu, who has a deep understanding of the relationship between psychology and law, provided specialized interventions to assist clients in managing the psychological effects of legal proceedings and in making future decisions.

Anandu’s style of counseling is defined by her warmth, empathy, and cultural awareness. He customizes his interventions to each client’s specific requirements and circumstances, enabling them to overcome challenges and develop resilience. His client-centered, cooperative style builds rapport and trust, enabling significant therapeutic interactions that promote healing.He is a great contributor to the field of counseling psychology because of his professional knowledge and his love for helping people.

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