Psychological Counselling in Calicut

  • Location:1st floor, NV Tower, Kallai Rd, Kallai, Kozhikode, Kerala 673003
  • Timing: 08:30 AM – 06:30 PM
  • Mode: Online & Offline

Hapinus care has a psychological counselling  center at Calicut (Kozhikode) at the first floor of NV Towers, at Kallai road in Calicut town. Our center is well-equipped with the latest technology devices and facilities and we are blessed with a team of top-notch psychologists and psychiatrists.

We have a premium psychological clinic located in the heart of kerala, in Calicut, known for its rich cultural heritage, vibrancy and tradition. We are happy to announce that Hapinus Care has become the best institute for psychological treatment in Kozhikode within a short span of time. Kozhikode, also known as the land of sweets, has become a center of modernity. Hapinus Care is a leading association for mental health services in Kozhikode, growing with a blend of tradition and modernity. The reasons why this institute has grown as the best psychology center in Kozhikode is the work of the team of psychologists with great experience and high qualification in this institute. 

Hapinus Care is proud to have these psychologists in our Calicut clinic, who are committed to provide the best treatment by understanding and responding individually to the unique needs of each one who comes here. We are pleased that they have been working in the mental health field for years, constantly improving their skills and enhancing the mental well-being of patients through their supportive care. Hapinuscare is able to provide the best care through state of the art mental health equipment, psychological equipment and modern technology to ensure accurate disease diagnosis and help patients. 

With this innovation, Hapinuscare keeps its name as the best center in Kozhikode. Adding to this, the patients who come here can enjoy unparalleled convenience as the center is easily accessible from all parts of the city and is very convenient for them. The clinic is very easy to reach both by public transportation and by personal vehicle too. Free parking is another advantage of this facility. Ample and secure parking helps visitors arrive naturally stress-free and focus on their mental health. 

Hapinus Care offers a holistic approach to the mental health of people who come here. It stands as the best psychology center in Kerala by providing appropriate care to patients through a variety of treatment methods ranging from traditional talk therapy to CBT and mind fullness with precision understanding that many factors, including individual lifestyle relationships and personal experiences can affect mental well-being.

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