Psycho Educational Assessment

At Hapinus Care, we offer psychological testings and Assessments, to measure intellectual capabilities, cognitive aptitude and other skills of an individual. Moreover, we have the facilities for assessing the developmental problems irrespective of age and gender of an individual.

  • IQ TEST: to measure verbal comprehension, logical thinking, arithmetic aptitude, spatial perception, memory, and general knowledge, among other areas of intelligence. We use the Binet-Kamat Test of Intelligence to measure IQ test.

  • PSYCHO EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENT: To identify an individual’s strengths and weaknesses in order to determine their educational needs, emotional functioning and develop appropriate interventions or accommodations.

  • DEVELOPMENTAL AND ACHIEVEMENT ASSESSMENT: Developmental assessments basically focuses on an individual’s social, emotional and physical development and also helps to detect any issues with their development. However, Achievement assessment is used to measure a child’s academic performance, weakness or strength in a particular subject etc.

  • ACADEMIC SKILLS ASSESSMENT: It is a kind of comprehensive evaluation that is used to measure a student’s calibre in various subject areas, such as reading, writing, math and other core subjects.

  • SPEECH AND LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT: This assessment include various tests to assess the speech, language comprehension, expressive and receptive language skills and overall communication proficiency including speech sounds, fluency, vocabulary, Grammer, and social communication etc.

  • FINE AND GROSS MOTOR SKILLS ASSESSMENT: Fine motor skills refers to the movements and hand eye coordinating activities such as writing, drawing and buttoning clothes. It basically involves the coordination of small muscles like those in the hands and fingers. However, gross motor skills indicate the usage of large muscular activities such as walking, running, jumping, and balancing.

In each of the assessments, our team of experienced and trained psychologists creates a supportive and nurturing environment to ensure individuals feel comfortable throughout the assessment process. The duration of the test may vary depending on the types of assessments the individual is undergoing and also based on the individual’s age and specific requirements.

Once the test is completed, our dedicated professionals will analyse the data collected. The results provide a detailed profile of the individual’s cognitive abilities, offering valuable insights into their intellectual strengths and weakness for e.g., IQ, EQ, Speech, Learning disability in children etc. This information can be utilized to develop tailored educational plans, career counselling strategies, and to enhance their cognitive development and maximize their potential and also to seek help to enhance themselves to excel in whatever they seek for.

All information obtained during the assessment is handled with the utmost care and maintained with strict confidentiality, ensuring the privacy and well-being of the individuals we serve. All the assessment conducted at Hapinus Care is a trusted one and scientifically validated assessment tool.

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