Jithin Abraham (Consultant Psychologist)

Jithin Abraham is a consultant psychologist, who attended Bangalore University and received a Master of Science (MSc) degree in Psychology from there. He has previous experience serving in the capacity of a consultant psychologist for both Punarjany Charitable Trust – deaddiction and charitable centre, Trissur and Softmind Pvt Ltd,Kochi.


He has been trained in the provision of mental health support, counselling, and therapy to individuals, couples, and groups in his capacity as a consultant psychologist. In addition to that, it’s he has experience in administering psychological evaluations in order to diagnose and treat a variety of mental health conditions.

He has offered mental health treatments to people who come from impoverished families or who are suffering financial challenges while working at Punarjany Charitable Trust. He have assisted clients who were looking for mental health services in a more private setting while he was employed at Softmind ,Kochi.


 During the course of the covid 19 epidemic, he had also given a paper on the topic of the quality of life and happiness of working and nonworking women. Jithin have the skills and understanding necessary to provide effective psychological treatment to those in need.

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