Vishnupriya (Clinical Psychologist)

Vishnu Priya is an exceptionally qualified counselling psychologist who has a diverse array of educational experiences. She has completed her bachelor’s degree in nursing. Her strong interest in the field of psychology led her to pursue her master’s degree in Psychology and also because she wants to assist other individuals in overcoming challenges related to their mental health.

Her training as a counselling psychologist has provided her with expertise working with individuals, families, couples, and children. She focuses primarily on a client-centered approach, during which she employs cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychodynamic therapy in her sessions with clients in order to assist them in overcoming the psychological health problems they are experiencing. She is currently contributing to an editorial piece in The Indian Express, in which she discusses themes pertaining to psychology as well as mental health treatment from her point of view and with her perspective.

Vishnupriya is deeply dedicated to continuing her education and conducting research in the field of psychology, in addition to the clinical work she does. To ensure that her patients receive the best possible care, she makes it a point to remain current on the most recent findings in the relevant field of study as well as medical practises.Her clients receive care that is both empathetic and individualised under her supervision. Her unwavering commitment to her line of work, together with her eagerness to learn new things and improve her abilities, have established her as a highly regarded and in-demand counselling psychologist in the industry.

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